Wisdom Teeth Removal - Lake Havasu City, AZ

An Important procedure for your oral health

Thanks to modern technologies and sedation techniques, removing your wisdom teeth is as painless and straightforward as ever! 

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Don't wait for Your wisdom teeth to cause problems before taking action

Many teens and adults face the important decision of wisdom teeth removal as they can become a major oral health issue. Either because they will come out crooked, put a lot of pressure on the jaw, or affect your other teeth forcing them to shift and realign. Avoiding these problems early can save you time, pain and even money.

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Benefits Of This Procedure 

How Removing Your Wisdom Teeth Helps Your Smile

Reduces crowding and shifting Teeth

Prevent inflammation and infection

Reduces oral and facial pain

Resolves bad breath and headache problems

Wisdom Teeth Removal Near You

Our Expert Team Is Ready To Help You

Havasu Dental Center in Arizona offers dental care for the entire family's dental treatment needs through all stages of their life. If you want to learn how wisdom teeth removal can help your dental health, contact Dr. Shamos. Our experts will be able to explain the process and answer any questions or concerns you may have. So do not hesitate and call us today!

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Stay ahead Of oral health issues

Having wisdom teeth is an experience everyone must face at some point. These are the last teeth to develop in your late teens or early twenties. Their extraction is not always viewed positively, but it is a very beneficial procedure. 

Removing them protects your oral health by reducing the risk of infections, gum disease, and other problems. Even if their appearance does not cause symptoms, it is advisable to remove them before they damage your oral health without causing pain and for long-term dental wellness.

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