Dr. Ilan Shamos was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Biology from Arizona State University. He then attended Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health in Mesa, Arizona where he earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine as well as a Master of Public Health degree.

Dr. Shamos moved to Lake Havasu City in 2013 with his wife, Bekky. In his free time, Dr. Shamos enjoys playing with his two children, Harvey and Talia, as well as his two rescue dogs, Scarlett and Phil. He also loves swimming in the lake, hiking, and reading when time allows. Dr. Shamos believes in giving back to his community and is a member of Rotary Club as well as a graduate of the Havasu Leadership Development class.

Dr. Shamos is passionate about delivering the best possible care to all of his patients and is up to date with the latest and best practices available in dentistry. Dr. Shamos aims to deliver the highest quality care that he can for every patient he treats. Dr. Shamos believes that trust is the most important aspect of the practice of dentistry and always treating patients honestly and with compassion is the best way to provide care to his patients.

Dr. Ilan Shamos, DMD

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